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Microsoft Power Apps and HubSpot for Jira / Confluence get dark theme

When Atlassian announced the imminent launch of their theme system, we were absolutely thrilled, as the dark theme in particular was among the most requested features in the ecosystem (if not the most requested). We truly felt the need for it, as it makes easier for users to work comfortably in low-light environments and personalize their workspace.

As soon as the API was released, we immediately focused our resources on developing new versions of our applications that would be compatible with Atlassian's new theme system.

We are therefore pleased to announce that the latest major updates of our Forge-based apps, namely HubSpot CRM Connector (in both "for Jira" and "for Confluence" flavours) and Microsoft Power Apps ("for Jira" and "for Confluence"), introduce full compatibility with the new Atlassian themes, and include specific UI improvements for maximum enjoyment of the dark theme.

Dark theme in HubSpot CRM Connector for Jira

HubSpot CRM Connector for Jira got a full UI rework to match every bit of the dark theme.

Here's how it looks inside Jira issues:


Views editor:


Settings menu and Card editor:


Dark theme in Microsoft Power Apps for Jira

The introduction of theme compatibility brought several UX improvements for Microsoft Power Apps for Jira as well.


Dark theme in Forge-based Confluence apps

From a dev perspective, the minimalist and efficient design we adopted in HubSpot CRM Connector for Confluence and Microsoft Power Apps for Confluence made the dark theme adaptation straightforward, so that the interface you are used to perfectly maintained its layout and ease of use.



These updates fully reflects Presago's commitment to remain at the forefront of user-centered design and to deliver the perfect toolset for an optimized workflow in every environment.

Whether you are a small business just starting out, or a large enterprise looking to streamline your operations, our integrations are definitely worth considering as a key tool in your arsenal.