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Integrate HubSpot in Jira and Confluence with HubSpot Connector

If you're a business that uses HubSpot as its primary marketing and sales platform, then you'll know how important it is to integrate with other tools in your tech stack. At Presago, we developed a HubSpot integration for two of Atlassian's most popular products: Jira and Confluence.

With HubSpot Connector for Jira and Confluence, you can seamlessly integrate your sales and marketing data with your project management and collaboration tools. In this blog post, we'll introduce the HubSpot CRM Connector for Confluence and the HubSpot CRM Connector for Jira, show how they work, and how you can get started with integrating them into your workflow.

HubSpot CRM Connector for Confluence

HubSpot CRM Connector for Confluence enables organizations to seamlessly incorporate HubSpot data into their Confluence pages, helping teams to stay focused, informed, and in sync, particularly since Confluence users don't need a HubSpot account to manage CRM data.

With HubSpot CRM Connector for Confluence, users can easily create and browse HubSpot Views inside Confluence and share business information like contacts, companies, deals and tickets.



For example, users can create a view for all their contacts who have not been contacted in the last month or for all the deals at a specific point in the sales pipeline.

HubSpot Views allow users to tailor their lists of records based on specific criteria. Filters available to users include contact properties, company properties, deal properties, ticket properties, and more. Additionally, they can decide which properties are shown in the View and sort columns at will.



Each row in a HubSpot View contains a shortcut to the item’s details page in the HubSpot platform, so users can quickly access additional data concerning their HubSpot items.

HubSpot CRM Connector for Confluence offers many customization options, including the possibility of restricting users' access to certain properties. Once an HubSpot View is created in HubSpot CRM Connector for Confluence, users can access it from the Views panel and attach it to Confluence pages.


HubSpot Views are also available in HubSpot CRM Connector for Jira.


HubSpot CRM Connector for Jira

HubSpot CRM Connector for Jira integrates HubSpot contacts, companies, deals and tickets in Jira Cloud and Jira Service Management.

This provides better visibility into the customer journey, as teams can see all of the relevant customer data directly inside their Jira issues and dashboards. Since everyone has access to the same data, users can work more effectively together and make the most of their office time.

With HubSpot CRM Connector for Jira, users can create and browse HubSpot Views - which we introduced in the above section of this post, and attach them to Jira issues and dashboards to support daily operations with an overview of relevant business data.


In addition to HubSpot Views, HubSpot CRM Connector for Jira also features HubSpot Cards.


HubSpot Cards are compact and versatile visualizations of a single HubSpot item, designed to be attached to Jira issues. They contain a shortcut to the item’s full details page in the HubSpot platform and can be expanded to show additional data.

Users can create custom templates with different data sets for different use cases, so that only the data available on the template will be visible on the cards created using it. Admins can restrict access to the templates panel to keep full control on what data users have access to.


Plus, users can mark templates for use in Jira Service Management: when a new issue is created in JSM, associated HubSpot items (such as contacts, companies, and deals) are automatically attached to the issue as HubSpot Cards, informing customer service with all relevant data effortlessly.


By bringing together the power of HubSpot's marketing and sales data with Jira's project management capabilities, businesses can ensure that everyone is working towards the same goals and objectives.

With HubSpot CRM Connector for Jira and HubSpot CRM Connector for Confluence teams can now concentrate on what is most important to the company, improving decision-making, execution and productivity.

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